Our Motivations

Principal's Motivation to the students

Believing this the schools become the axis of knowledge and empowerment.
My belief is that school is a place where we prepare children equipped with the latest knowledge and competitive knack, endowed with basic human qualities and consciousness, which make them craft their fortune on their own.
My vision of schooling is defined by a concern for both the fulfillment of individual and the creation of sensitive, humanistic, collaborative, and progressive society

I believe that school should be about more than just academics and high percentage provider, more about producing thinkers than walking repositories of knowledge, more about inculcating skill by holistic development, more about teaching a man ‘humanity’ in the real sense of the term and more about honoring the needs and interest of the child in the present, but without overlooking, legitimate, humanistic concerns about the future

The school strives hard to make the best possible efforts to inculcate strong values along with academies and extracurricular activities, trying to convert every student into a self reliant independent citizen

I along with my team will strain every nerve to translate our dream into reality

- Smt. Maya Rathore